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Microscopic Implant That Treats Glaucoma (1)

The microscopic implant that treats glaucoma

Glaucoma can lead to sight loss – even blindness – if it’s not diagnosed and treated early. Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Gok Ratnarajan describes the treatments that could help save your sight.

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East Grinstead Hospital Revolutionises Glaucoma Treatment

East Grinstead hospital revolutionises glaucoma treatment

A hospital in Sussex is the first in the UK to offer revolutionary treatment for glaucoma. It involves the use of lasers and the insertion of a tiny stent in the eye itself.

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Cataract Surgery

Pioneering glaucoma operation to drain excess eye fluid will 'save sight of thousands of patients'

A pioneering procedure could prevent thousands of Britons with the eye condition glaucoma from losing their sight. The disease, which affects at least 600,000 people in Britain, is the leading cause of irreversible sight loss.

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Radio Uckfield Interview for Glaucoma Awareness Week 2020

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Hospital’s pioneering eye surgery on TV news

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Combination MIGS Thumbnail

Combination MIGS… a new era

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Glaucoma Awareness Week Mid Sussex Times (1)

Glaucoma Awareness Week - Mid-Sussex times

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